Speeds up the process

The Buyout App speeds up the process of buyout enquiries: In the process of buyout enquiries there are up to 8 persons/companies involved. It takes time to obtain a final answer on buyout costs. The average time is 2 weeks. As a result of the implemented buyout tables, all your enquiries are answered in an instant, just by clicking the countries and airtime on your computer or even on your smartphone.


The Buyout App is more transparent: it all depends on the exact information you have available about the buyout and the performers’ fee. The full, accurate and timely disclosure of information is based on the performers’ contracts, which are all scanned and available to the Buyout App users. Also, currency exchanges will be on a real time basis and no surcharge from all involved parties on currency will be enabled.

Protects everyone involved

The application protects everyone involved against any litigation. Due to the greater transparency and the computerized program, not a single person involved in the buyout world will forget the broadcasting of a commercial. Human error is eliminated and brings legal peace. Cloud database of all buyouts.

Calculations tables

Nearly every country has its own buyout tables. They do not necessarily show big differences, but obviously generate much more work. The Buyout App has set itself the goal to achieve MORE world wide, one buyout rate table, which consequently simplifies the process and can be launched already at the casting stage. Please note that buyout COST tables are only a directive and are not a legal and/or statutory requirement.


By having one casting rate card all over the world, you can start buying better buyout packages to broadcast your advertising. Not only performers in front of the camera are asking for buyouts, but musicians and photographers alike, will also have the same performance equality.