Less work for you

The Buyout App simplifies the whole process of media & copyright handling. This makes the Buyout App an incredibly useful tool for advertising agencies, film production companies and cast members. Become a part of the most simple and easy way to manage your media projects & buyouts.

Collaborate on your
media projects

The average response time on a buyout request is 14 days. With the Buyout App, you will get an immediate answer and you can even use the app to estimate any scenario in a media planning campaign. The buyout inquiry is sent directly to all involved collaborators and the application will automatically calculate the contracted standard rate based on a powerful calculation table algorithm.

Adapted to you

Each collaborator has different roles in a media planning and buyout negotiation. As an advertising agency, a film production company, a cast agency or a performer himself, get only the information you need when you need it. You can be notified by mail each time a new activity is made on one of your project.

Free Open Beta

It means you can use this powerful tool for Free, until the official release date. As an early user of the Buyout App, you and your company (if any) will get a 6-months Free License when it will be released. As it is in Beta, it also means you can have a direct impact on the final released version by giving us your feedback

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Lifetime Free sign-up for performers

The Buyout App will always be Free for performers such as actors, models, musicians, voice-overs, photographers and more. You will be able to follow-up your copyright & buyout inquiries. This is the starting point for more integrated tools that will help you manage your castings and copyrights on the go.

Build your own company team

You can create your company and give all the important details. Then, you can invite more people in your own company and start planning your media campaigns, share related files, estimate and negotiating your buyout inquiries.

From complicated to simple

The Buyout App is everything you need to work on your media projects, in a secured environment with all involved collaborators. The process of buyout management is now a simple task thanks to our powerful buyout calculation algorithm. Manage your campaigns and buyouts now !