Michelle has landed a TV commercial and a photo shoot. Her TV commercial and her pictures are going on air and the film will be uploaded to the Buyout App application. Whenever the client decides to air the film and the photos, she will get an automatic reply about the dates/periods etc. so her model agent can write out all her invoices. Every time Michelle gets a confirmed buyout, the Buyout App helps her to monitor her copyrights.

Model agencies

Think of it as the ‘Facebook’ for models all over the world. Simply sign up, present your model agency on the Buyout App and have access to a worldwide database of models.

Casting directors

The Buyout App has become your middleman. Just upload your casting brief to the Buyout App and it will spread your casting audition throughout your region. Performer will reply to your invitation and the Buyout App will automatically arrange the casting auditions according to the times you have allocated. The Buyout App is the future of bookings.

Service productions

The Buyout App is a big help for the service film industry to communicate directly with all involved parties.

Film productions

The Buyout App will also help media producers work more closely and easily with the advertisers, advertising agencies, cast agencies and talents themselves. Media projects on the Buyout App will become the center point of all collaboration regarding media campaign management and talent usage fee inquiries.

Advertising agencies

With the Buyout App, advertising agencies get a complete, prepared database where nothing can get lost and where all the information they need is already delivered and set up. All contracts are filed, the final approved commercial downloaded and all cast members are determined.


When one of your pictures is used in a media campaign, you will be added to the media project as a collaborator and will be able to manage buyout and copyright inquiries for it.


With the Buyout App you can copyright your piece of music by collaborating with ad agencies and advertisers. You can also follow up on your music and get an overview of all your ongoing buyouts.

Actors / Cast

Like models, actors can find their work, be it a film or a commercial, on the Buyout App and can register themselves and get information on buyout requests.


For a quick, easily accessible overview of the overall buyout costs on their campaign, the client simply has to log on to the Buyout App (via phone or computer) for an immediate cost calculation. Through the Buyout App the client can inform all participant parties that they intend to purchase copyrights. The Buyout App quickens the process of buyout research from an average of three weeks to an immediate overview of costs.

Voice-over artists & Narrators

The Buyout App determines the payment of royalties or buyouts to the talent if the recording is being used for commercial purposes. By allowing everyone to be on the same page, the Buyout App ensures and helps the talent to monitor his copyrights.