Dev diaries

October 2014

Update #3 Buyout App v0.760

The last update has been done yesterday afternoon. Two major features have been implemented, among many fixes.

Update #3
1. Estimation Tool
The Estimation Tool has been redesign to be more user-friendly. Parts are now accessible through different tabs, total price list is highly visible, performer details are expandable for easy-reading and the countries in the selected […]

September 2014

Update #2 Buyout App v0.752

The new update has been released this morning. There is no major features in this update, mainly some important fixes.

Update #2
1. My Taxes
Each country and each company has its own taxation rules. They apply it differently on each performer’s contract depending on the context. In order to help you, the Buyout App already lists some major default […]

Update #1 Buyout App v0.750

As we are now officially into the Open Beta since beginning of this week, we have decided to make a public summary of  each new update of the app.
You will be able to find those updates here on the blog, and directly into the app itself. Open Beta means that the growing community will […]

July 2014

Open Beta soft launching

During the Private Beta phase, we worked really hard at trying to improve the most important features of the Buyout App. We also had to add some new features, that, we realized, should be there, thanks to our early access testers.

In a nutshell :

– performers and casting agencies can now be linked together and access […]

March 2014

Dev Diary 2 : Work in progress on Buyout App

First of all, if you missed our first Developer diary about work in progress, you can read the first details on this blog article.

As the Private Beta is coming very soon, our last few weeks have been very hectic on the production side.

The priority is to make the application fully stable for our early […]

February 2014

Dev Diaries : Work in progress on Buyout App

As the beginning of the year 2014 stands for a huge step forward for the Buyout App, we thought it would be interesting to give everyone a heads-up on what is happening at the moment, and what will be our next steps.
As you already know, Buyout App is the next revolution in the Media Industry. Letting […]