As the beginning of the year 2014 stands for a huge step forward for the Buyout App, we thought it would be interesting to give everyone a heads-up on what is happening at the moment, and what will be our next steps.

As you already know, Buyout App is the next revolution in the Media Industry. Letting everyone in the industry working and sharing details on a single platform will give great visibility and understanding in a domain which was so nontransparent and not optimized until now.

Buyout App

We want to help Advertisers and Advertising Agencies have a clear view of all royalties and talent usage for their aired projects around the World.

We want to help Media Producers manage, share and follow-up all their projects around the World.

We want to help all Performers (models, actors, voices, musicians, etc.) have a transparent view of their buyout incomes on all the projects they worked on.

In order to make this application as complete as it should be, we redesigned some important features. Here are some key elements :

1. The Design

An application is not efficient if its design is not user-friendly. We make sure that every aspect of the navigation and lay-out is clever to user.

Old dashboard page of Buyout App

We went from this old grey and sad Dashboard, full of tables

New Dashboard of Buyout App

To this new Dashboard, much more colorful, with more space and more important information displayed carefully. Note that it is still not the final version

Login page of the Buyout App

A nice and very simple login page to access your secured data and your working network

My Team page of Buyout App

A simple page for the Team Admin to see and manage all the details concerning all his company users on the application

My Media Project page of Buyout App

A clear list of all the Media projects and related buyouts your are working on

2. The user types

Everyone on the same page with Buyout App

Each type of accounts on the application will have different rights and will see different sections. This is a core component of the application, because a Performer should not be able to access certain data that are key information for an Advertising Agency, for example. Working on making sure that everyone is seeing and interacting with the right data is one of our most important work at this stage.

3. The new Media Project Wizard

New Media project wizard on the Buyout App

Every interaction on the application will be done around a Media Project. This is where Advertising Agencies, Film Production and Agents will add all contracts, media details, and where they will estimate, negotiate and approve all buyouts. In order to make this whole section user-friendly, we revised it and created a very simple Creation Wizard for everyone to use.

Collaborative work on Buyout App

All those elements are parts of a revolutionary web application for managing usage talent, royalties and buyouts in the Media Industry.

If you want to learn more about what Buyout App is, feel free to browse our website and contact us for more details.

Our next step is the launching of a Free Private Beta, where all users will be able to use key features of the final application.

If you are in the Media Industry, working on tv-commercials, billboards, radio-commercials, web format commercials, and all other services that engage talent usage, royalties and buyouts to any kind of artists, follow this blog and don’t miss the Revolution.