First of all, if you missed our first Developer diary about work in progress, you can read the first details on this blog article.

As the Private Beta is coming very soon, our last few weeks have been very hectic on the production side.

The priority is to make the application fully stable for our early users. This way, they will be able to create and collaborate on media projects. And have a clear view of what they can expect from a final released version of the Buyout App.

But instead of talking about application stability and security, we wanted to show you some of our most important features. The kind of features, we think, that can make a standard application becomes a revolutionary one :

1. The Media Project Dashboard

Each media project (or advertising campaign, you name it) will be the center point of all collaboration. A film production will be able to create one, and add as many details as needed to the project. And then, add all collaborators, such as the advertising agency, the model agent and performer itself, for example.

Each media project will have its own dashboard, where all collaborators will be able to have a clear view of the recent activity and history.

From the Dashboard, users will get quick access to :

Activities : the list of all activities on the project, such as new buyouts, updates and any changes made by one of the collaborators

Collaborators : the list, details and role of each collaborator on the project

Versions : all the versions of a media campaign. Versions are very important as you will have to attach any buyout inquiry to one version, as you will have to attach performer’s contract as well

Contracts : the list of all performers (actors, voices, extras, etc.) working on the project, and their public details

Buyouts : finally, the list of all buyouts related to one of the project’s version

Collaborators will also be able to manage all content related to the project itself, and estimate any buyout related to the campaign.

Which brings us to another nice feature :

2. The Buyout Timeline

A buyout negotiation is not a fun thing to do, nowadays. It implies a lot of phone calls and emails, most of the time no clear enough and taking time to move forward. With the Buyout App, we wanted to change that. We wanted to make this part of a media planning much more appealing and easy to do.

So we used a timeline view in order to display all the different negotiation steps of a buyout inquiry.

This way, collaborators can easily understand the evolution of the negotiation and what are the packages, markups and parts of the buyout at a specific moment in the negotiation history.

Of course, only the concerned collaborators will see the details they need to see. But basically, everyone working on the project will have a transparent view of the evolution of the project and buyout related elements.

Finally, specifically for the Private Beta, we’ve added a ‘Send Feedback’ button on top of the page, letting any user send us feedback about their experience on the Buyout App.

This will help us gather general feedback, but also track some possible bugs at this development stage, for an even more stable version for the next step of the application : the Closed Beta.

We would love to show you more of the application, but we also want to keep things secret so our early users have the pleasure to discover and try new interesting things.

If you want to be eligible for the Free Private Beta, you can access the invitation’s request page.

For more details on the Buyout App, follow the :

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