Here we are. We finally get to share our long months of work on the Buyout App.

But as we want to get everything right, we are not releasing the App yet. We have decided to make a Free and Early Private Beta where pre-selected companies and performers will be able to have a grasp on our early features.

Talking about features, all important ones, related to the management of media projects and buyouts, will be available during the Private Beta. In a nutshell, users will get early access to :

  • the new user-friendly design
  • the easy-to-use media project creation wizard
  • a brand new media project dashboard, listing every important details
  • an up-to-date tax and markup calculation algorithm
  • the intuitive buyout estimation tool, letting users evaluate costs and revenues without effectively creating any buyout
  • the new easy-to-read buyout revision system for negotiating and approving new buyouts
  • a new intuitive way of displaying every steps of a negotiation through a buyout timeline
  • all the necessary security certifications for privacy and protection of our users data

Announcement - Buyout App

We will very soon start sending Private Invitations to the most important actors of the Media Industry. Advertisers, Film/Service Production and Performers will receive a private access to the Beta and will be able to invite a limited number of collaborators on the Buyout App.

Our main goal here, is to create a dynamic and active closed ecosystem that will let us evaluate how much the Buyout App is effectively helping professionals in the management of their media projects and buyout inquiries.

Feedback from those early users will also help us improve the efficiency of the application.

We have decided not to keep this Private Beta for too long. As a result, we will launch a Closed Beta as soon as we are satisfied with the results, followed by an Open Beta and finally, by the official release of the Buyout App.

Everyone on the same page with Buyout App

For everyone who could be interested in joining the Private Beta, feel free to contact us.

The Revolution of the Media Industry is starting. Stay in the loop and see you in the Buyout App.