During the Private Beta phase, we worked really hard at trying to improve the most important features of the Buyout App. We also had to add some new features, that, we realized, should be there, thanks to our early access testers.

In a nutshell :

– performers and casting agencies can now be linked together and access their details.

– each user has now a Contact list with people to invite and all collaborators he is working with

– some functionality have been added on the buyout negotiation process. Depending on the user type, you can now have more actions, like downloading a PDF version of the buyout inquiry, postpone the airing date, re-initialize the calculation, negotiate the price by performers and much more

– a to-do notification system has been implemented, reminding the user of his pending actions for his profile, or on a buyout negotiation. More to-dos will be added

– each user has now a profile page, that only collaborators or teamworkers can access for reviewing activities

– the global search is more optimized, and users can now search and reach data more easily

– a flexible tax system can be used on a performer’s contract, letting the media producer setup the perfect calculation rules for all overheads (fees, markups, taxes)

– more insights have been added on the dashboard and on each media project, for a better visibility on all ongoing buyouts

– a currency conversion system let all users re-calculate the buyout cost in multiple currencies. We are using the Central European Bank rates for that

– and much more fixes and optimization in our calculation algorithm, media cloud storage, users interactions and all

The app is now more stable and has more features.

In parallel, we’ve re-branded the official website by applying the new design scheme, making it more similar to the app itself. You can now even sign-up for the Buyout App through it. Feel free to take a look here : www.buyout.pro

In a very short time, we will officially launch the Open Beta and share the news on the web. This way, we can expect getting more users in the app, and make sure our servers can handle all those activities.