As we are now officially into the Open Beta since beginning of this week, we have decided to make a public summary of  each new update of the app.

You will be able to find those updates here on the blog, and directly into the app itself. Open Beta means that the growing community will have much more impact on our production and the features we will work on. If you are not already in, feel free to join the Open Beta now.

Update #1

1. Demo media project

explore a media project - buyout app

We have added a new feature called the Demo project. When a new user will sign-in for the first time, complete his profile and company profile, he will be able to access a fake demo project in which he can interact exactly as he could into a real project. This will help new users have a better understanding of how a media project works.

– remove restriction so that every one can see the demo project

– make sure that invited teammates are added to the demo project

– modify texts and labels

2. In-app notifications

buyout app in-app notifications

The Buyout App is here to help you. Instead of having to think about your urgent tasks, we want the app to notify you what is urgent. We have implemented an in-app notification system. Displayed on your Dashboard, it will list all your important tasks to do and your recent completed tasks. To-dos go from your profile setup to pending buyout requests, adding content in your media projects, inviting people in your team, etc. Many notifications are already available, but we will constantly add more notifications that are relevant to our user base.

– optimize the display of notifications on the Dashboard

– manage the completed to-dos

– new to-do : ask a company admin to invite his team mates

– new to-do : ask a media producer to add collaborators if a media project without any exists

– new to-do : ask all new user to access the demo project

3. User profile

– ask the performer if he wants to be listed on public list and be visible by all users

4. Calculation tables

– update calculation tables : a new version has been uploaded

5. Buyout Timeline

– display exact dates of buyout instead of duration

6. Message system

– make sure last discussions are on top in message page

– highlight discussions with unread messages on the message page