The new update has been released this morning. There is no major features in this update, mainly some important fixes.

Update #2

1. My Taxes

Each country and each company has its own taxation rules. They apply it differently on each performer’s contract depending on the context. In order to help you, the Buyout App already lists some major default taxes for each country. But in the case where you can’t find the exact tax and its value, you can now create your own tax in the new “My Taxes” section. After creating and saving it there, you will find it in the tax droplist on the performer’s contract.

buyout app my taxes

Another benefit of that new feature is the fact that you can now edit your tax value at a single place, and all contracts including that tax will be updated after you save your changes. It’s very time saving if you have a tax used in many contracts.

2. Demo media project

– add an expiration date for the demo project

3. In-app notifications

– new to-do : ask a media producer to add contract if a media project without contract exists

– make sure “Invite your teammates” disappear when you invite someone already present on the Buyout App, but not linked to any companies

4. My Team

– specify the level of a teammate when a user invite him (viewer, manager)

5. Renewal fee

– update the fee when postpone

6. User profile

– correct issue on “forgot my password” on sign-in