The last update has been done yesterday afternoon. Two major features have been implemented, among many fixes.

Update #3

1. Estimation Tool

The Estimation Tool has been redesign to be more user-friendly. Parts are now accessible through different tabs, total price list is highly visible, performer details are expandable for easy-reading and the countries in the selected package are highlighted on a map.

buyout app estimation tool

2. Buyout Timeline

– implement renew button 1 month before expiration date of buyout

– add a tooltip for currencies on the performer’s contract edit

– display selected package instead of selected countries, except on estimation tool

selected package on buyout timeline

– “Contact performer” and “Contact agent” buttons on timeline for media producer, that redirect to private message with pre-defined text

– Add the requested countries in a tooltip + “the buyout app have selected the cheapest option for you”

3. Server optimizations

A number of tasks and fixes have been done to optimize the use of the server and the number of queries sent. The result is a much more stable and much less server-consuming app.

4. In-app notifications

– invite people : ask the user to invite people in the Buyout App through the Contact List

– buyout request : ask correct collaborator to answer a pending buyout request

– buyout confirmation : ask correct collaborator to answer a pending buyout confirmation

– buyout expiration : ask the advertiser to renew buyout and the media producer to renew/archive buyout

5. Demo media project

– change the background color and font color

6. Dashboard

– the “Latest Activities” box is now expandable